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Residential Sump Pump Servicing

Your home is your most important asset. That is why you do everything you can do protect and maintain it. Whether it’s with an alarm system, comprehensive home insurance policies, storm windows or seamless gutters, protecting your investment is what prudent homeowners do. However, far too many homeowners only take the necessary precautions to protect what’s above ground, leaving basements and crawl spaces to fend for themselves. The out of sight, out of mind mentality, while common, can have dire consequences, particularly if heavy rain or leaky pipes regularly fill their basements and crawlspaces with water.

Water is by far the biggest threat to your home’s integrity. If it is left to sit, water can do serious damage to your home’s foundation or cause mold and mildew to sprout all over belongings you have put in storage. Getting your home’s foundation costs an average of $5,000 and mold remediation services can be as little as $500 to as much as $4,000 depending on the severity of the damage. These are expenses most homeowners would no doubt like to avoid and, luckily, they can be with the proper installation and maintenance of a sump pump.

A sump pump is a little device installed in the basement of homes that protects against flooding damage. It pumps out any water that collects in your home and discharges it outdoors without any effort on your part. These miraculous little devices have helped so many homeowners dodge the expensive consequences of flooding and water damage and if you want to also reap the benefits a sump pump can bring to your home, contact Everclear Plumbing & Drain, LLC today.

For years, Everclear Plumbing & Drain, LLC’s courteous and highly trained team of residential plumbers have been installing and maintaining sump pumps in homes just like yours to make sure flooding can’t do the damage it would normally do. If your home could benefit from an easy to prevent water damage, contact Everclear Plumbing & Drain, LLC today.

Sump Pump Installations

Installing a sump pump is not a complicated procedure, but it can be a messy one. It’s always better to let the professionals at Everclear Plumbing & Drain, LLC handle it for you because we never cut corners and we have the expertise to make sure the job’s been done right the first time around.

Here’s how we approach every sump pump installation:

  • Find a location where water collects and that is close to a ground fault interrupter outlet.
  • Dig a hole for the sump approximately six inches deeper and ten inches wider than the sump itself.
  • Add gravel.
  • Attach the adapters and make a hole into the discharge pipe.
  • Install a check valve.
  • Channel water away from your home using PVC piping.
  • Run PVC piping through the wall.
  • Apply sealant as necessary.
  • Spread out the water flow.
  • Cover the sump pump.

Once that’s done, your home will be protected from any future flooding. And if there’s ever a problem with your sump pump, Everclear Plumbing & Drain, LLC’s plumbing will be on site shortly after you call to correct the issue with our trademark courteous and efficient service.